Of the months in the islamic Calendar, the holy month of Ramadhan is the best time to promote peace and coexistence especially in a multi- religious society like

Kenya. By sitting together and partaking in the fast breaking dinner, the occasion  is ideal for personal interaction and open demonstration of the true teachings of islam regarding cordial relations with all human beings regardless of race, tribe or creed. There are several ways of doing this. at individual level, one may invite a friend or two for iftar at least once during the month or as many times as possible. Muslim families can also organize to invite their non-Muslim relatives, neighbours or friends for iftar at least once. at the village levels, a big iftar may be organized where all villagers are invited. Business firms may also hold iftar dinners for their staff and clients. Muslim foreign missions can also use the opportunity to enhance relations by holding iftar dinners for government officials, politicians, civil society, religious leaders and business fraternity. Hence, Muslims should encourage the culture of interfaith iftar during Ramadhan in order to remove misconceptions about islam and help build national cohesion.

Amina Ali,

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