The recent proposal to distribute condoms to school children as a means of reducing the spread of HIV/Aids, sexually transmitted infections and teenage  pregnancies

should be opposed strongly by all parents and religious leaders. Though the program, if implemented, could serve as a means to address the spread of the HIV/Aids scourge, the official access of condoms to young and irresponsible children will have a counter effect. Immorality will increase among young school children as these innocent youths will view it as a newly acquired freedom to experiment and practice sex.

The distribution of condoms will certainly encourage sex among primary and secondary school students and undermine education standards as children will suddenly find themselves addicted to a new and adventurous way of passing time. Sex before marriage and particularly at such early age is something that is against the teachings of all religions and African cultures and therefore religious leaders and parents should collectively oppose the proposal. What the government needs to do is to involve religious leaders, parents and all stakeholders in initiating a serious campaign to teach children morality and the importance of abstaining from sex until marriage. In any case, medical practitioners usually warn that condoms are not 100% safe and this will even be worse in the hands of immature and irresponsible minds.

Maalim Noor, Kajiado.

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