Parents wake up lest your children get swayed into radicalism under your watch

Following the disappearance of the two young Muslim ladies, whom reports claim have joined the ISIS militia group, I think it is time for parents to clearly understand their responsibilities

in raising their children. It is very sad that we wait until it is too late then we panic when we are caught in such situations. Take it for instance, a typical Kenyan parent wakes up in the morning and report to work as usual without even bothering about the whereabouts of their children. All we think about is making money. We leave our kids behind with housemaids and we expect them to play the role of their parents.

In my opinion, we contribute greatly to radicalization of the youths. It could be indirectly but we have a hand in radicalization. We need to talk to youths since most of them get brainwashed easily by the militia groups out of ignorance. Sending our kids to madrassas to get Islamic knowledge is not enough. Every parent should be a friend to their kid so that in case of any strange behaviour, it will be easy to notice. Attaining the age of 18 qualifies one to be called an adult but that does not mean that parents should not bother with whatever their “adult kids” are doing.

As long as you are still catering for their needs and you are still living under the same roof, then you are obliged to know the whereabouts of your sons and daughters. On the other hand, this does not mean that parents should press so hard on their children. As you let them free, remember that freedom comes along with responsibility. It is also time for youths to value their own lives and appreciate other peoples lives too. an individual who has self respect cannot be lured to go and kill other people for no reason. I believe ISIS or even Alshabaab do not coerce youths to join them. It is a personal decision made by our very own youths. The problem is with us and it is upon us to end radicalisation.

Latifah Idriss,

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