The frequency at which terror attacks have occurred in Kenya since August 1998 is a clear proof that the religion of Islam has been hijacked by radical elements hell

bent on advancing their violent agendas by whatever means necessary. The fact that Islam is quintessentially a religion of peace is something that needs little explanation as history is full of evidence. Right from the advent of Islam in the 7th century, Islam as a religion propagated in both word and practice a universal message of spiritual perfection, education, socio-economic development and peaceful coexistence. Even right here in Kenya, where Islam arrived more than 1000 years before Christianity, Islam is credited with introducing a vibrant civilization to the East African region.

However, in recent decades, the true message of Islam has begun to lose ground to new radical teachings attributed to the current socio-political instability in Somalia as well as the  disruption of peace that has been enjoyed in Kenya. It is high time true Muslim scholars come out courageously to restore the pure teachings of Islam and guide the youth against the onslaught of misleading radicalization. Alim Hassan, Nakuru.

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