Kisumu Kadhi reiterates that Islam does not discriminate against women

ISLAM and Muslims have been absolved from claims and practices that discriminate against women in the Muslim community, Kisumu Kadhi Sheikh Mursal Muhammad Sizi has said.

While addressing participants at the two days Muslim women convention at the Al Mu’uminun Integrated School grounds in Kisumu County, refuted claims by Western countries and media that Islam as a religion does not value women and that it discriminated against them in matters of development and civilization. Sheikh Mursal pointed out that Islam is the true liberation of women and all humanity as it has accorded women rights and respect never experienced in any other society and stressed that Islam is the only religion that came to the rescue of humanity through the recognition of fundamental rights. He cited right to life, protection against harmful practices, own properties, education, inheritance and participation in social- economic development venture such as business as examples of rights availed to women by Islam. “Islam has justifiably accorded the Muslim woman her rights but some of the western countries and the media have relegated the women to the periphery of the society.” said Sheikh Mursal. Sheikh Mursal took issue with western media for painting Islam as a religion that does not recognized women and their rights, stating that it is Western civilization that has undervalued women and womanhood where women have been made to feel that being a wife and mother is oppressive and limiting.

He said the current chaos in Western and Westernized societies is felt by women and children most because the man-made system has neglected their rights and needs. Mursal stressed that the role of the Muslim woman is more than just someone who wears a scarf but a role model, first teacher of children and religious guide for the Ummah. The judicial officer advised Muslims to strongly demonstrate the true ideals of Islam by shedding off the negative stereotypes and perceptions against the religion and Muslims.

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